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14th May 2009

12:15pm: Blatah is back? O-o
Well, that may still mean something to a handful of you I met through it. ;) Ah those were the days?
Since I'd left people hanging at the last chapter, I will be putting up the conclusion over the next month or so ( there's about 10-12 pages left to finish it off).

I'd stopped because I couldn't draw an epic battle to save my life. I still can't, but at least you get the ending; The story's conclusion.
Yes, crappy anatomy coloring etc but.. endings, yes? <3
Will be up on comic genesis, once the thing updates.. its been soo long...


Blatah - beggining of the conclusion
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29th December 2005

9:26pm: change your webcomic links! :D

Nocturnia should be back to regular updates once Blatah is finished in a month or two. Until then, updates will be spotty at best. Mind! The keenspace servers are officially changing... so please, remember to switch over your bookmarks to the following URLs or you'll no longer be able to see the comics:

http://blatah.comicgenesis.com and http://nocturnia.comicgenesis.com

The artbook is still out, should you want to purchase it. ;) go to my homepage at http://www.uneide.com/art for the info and link. It should also be available through AMAZON.COM in mid January.

As for the winner of the promotional plushie? ARION MORGAN! Please let me know which Blatah or Nocturnia plushie you'd like. :)

19th December 2005

2:18pm: L:iam fans... *EG*
you might want to go look at Blatah right now. I updated earlier, since for Xmas I'll be having 2 weekly updates instead of one...


5th December 2005

1:54pm: Update? What is this thing that you speak of?
Heh, nope, the comics are still updating - Nocturnia's should actually be up tomorrow, now that the artbook is mostly out of the way. I've decided to go back to putting up the ups and downs of comic creation here - yar, I know, this place has sadly been mostly neglected for a while, but no more! This (in theory) should be the place to catch up with the latest news, random developments in the comics/ author's stresses and the like.

Oh banners! Amariah was awesome and randomly made me a Blatah banner that kicks so much ass, so I've decided to revamp most of them. Any thoughts?


20th November 2005

12:52pm: ARTBOOK Preordering!

Its out! Its done! ^____________^

I'm opening preordering for the artbook! :) --->> http://www.uneide.com/art/index.php<<---

Everyone that preorders or purchases the book before Christmas not only gets free shipping, but they will be entered in a draw to win a Blatah or Nocturnia limited edition Jumbo plushie, or one of their own character! Click http://www.uneide.com/art/plushies/index.phpfor more information on Plushies.

How limited edition are the plushies, you ask? I will only be making 2 of each of the characters from the webcomic in their final battle incarnations – I will keep one of the sets as mine, and all the dolls in the other set will be up for grabs!
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19th November 2005

9:43pm: News! Comic updates, Artbook!
*cough* joygasm, as a friend says...*cough*

Alright guys, a couple of things!
Firstly, Blatah is back on regular schedule and Nocturnia is updating again. I know I hadn’t kept up with updating Nocturnia in a while, but mostly that was due to working on commissioned art to get holiday fundage and because or Secret Project of Doom™

What is Secret Project of Doom ™ you ask? ARTBOOK! !!

For a while now I’ve been pondering the idea of putting together a companion book of my illustration work. Largely, it covers the art of all three webcomics – Blatah, Nocturnia and Haven: Hathaway, although it also includes some of my random illustrations from other projects. As an extra treat, there are also several stories that give glimpses of the relationship or background of some of the characters that couldn’t really fully be explored in the webcomics. There you’ll find the background of Nocturnia’s Angus and some of his earlier days, when he was young and a lot less jaded; a scene between Liam and Quinn that explains a lot more about their relationship; a sequence between Eggman and Aryck --- and the list goes on! They are some of the writings that couldn’t be fit even in the mailing lists, and most of the art is previously unreleased, so you really are getting a special treat.

Also – everyone that purchases the book before Christmas will be entered in a draw to win a Blatah or Nocturnia limited edition Jumbo plushie, or one of their own design! http://www.uneide.com/art/plushies/index.php How limited edition, you ask? I will only be making 2 of each of the characters from the webcomic – I will keep one of the sets as mine, and all the dolls in the other set will be up for grabs! I won’t be making any more of those, so if you do order the book, send me an email (the publisher sends a thank you email when you purchase one, so that would serve as proof of purchase) and you’ll be entered in the draw. Also in the works - A Blatah! only artbook that will be released in the spring, celebrating its conclusion, possibly a paper doll book and other goodies. If there’s anything you’d like to see, let me know! I’m very excited about publishing this book, so I hope you guys are too.

I should be getting the prototype to proofread it in a few days, so after that I'll be putting up the ordering info, juuuust in case. *WriggleS*

19th August 2004

7:42am: BACK!
Heh, so you have probably noticed that the comic is updating again. Why the hiatus? Pregnancy and an overseas move, imagine that! I'm 7 months pregnant and back home at last, so the comic should renew regular updating starting next week.

Keep in mind that come the end of October when I give birth it will likely be spotty again for a bit, as other things will take priority.

Starting tomorrow I will be having a table at the Artist's Alley at Anime Evolution http://www.animeevolution.com in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. If you are in the area, drop by and say hello! I'll have a ton of merchandise and art from both comics and I love meeting the fans. :)

Wish me luck!

Fun webcomic survey:

Inspired by Sans and Charlotte... *smooches them both*

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28th April 2004

7:25am: BOO!
HEading out for a week, but will upsate before I go, worry not. ;)

In the meantime, from the fabulous Reiko of Hybrid Genesis, the sexiest Eggman drawing.... perfect for the warming weather! :D :D:D

Swimsuit Egg
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5th April 2004

11:59am: Updates and assorted things...
Yup, I know updates have been sporadic of late. In case you haven't heard, I recently became pregnant and the first trimester brings along an entire herd of fun things like morning sickness, eye strain and exhaustion. :p

That being said, I think I'm over the worst of it, and regular updating should be resuming soon. If you haven't visited the sites for Blatah and Nocturnia, updates have been posted, if a little on the irregular side.

The ML seems to be thriving, which has me fairly content, and I have finally broken down and put all my slash/yaoi art in one gallery. XD The galleries and fanart for both comics badly need revamping, so I hope to get around to that this week before work really gets going.

In other, happy news - I -may- be publishing a Nocturnia novella or novel sometime at the end of the year. If I manage to get it all written out in time, of course! Hopefully it will be part of a larger slash\darker fiction anthology that is routinely put out by a small press MAS-zine If you are into either do check them out... and wish me luck in the submission, though things are looking very positive. I'll let you know sometime this summer how things are shaping up (deadline is in a couple of months I believe, so I must set myself to writing feverishly) - if it does make the cut, hopefully you can read all about Angus and more in depth about the realm of Nocturnia. ;)

I will also be sending work to a couple of upcoming conventions -

CONduit in Utah in May and Anime Evolution in Vancouver (CANADA), come August.
For Anime Evolution I will be the panelist for a yaoi panel, and will be having an artist's alley table as well. I will probably be giving away blatah goodies and some of the stuff from my private shonen-ai collection, so check it out!Do come and say hello if you are in the area, I'm always happy to meet fans. ;)

In other news - next week I'm part of a gallery show here in Japan with some local and foreign artists, though unfortunately I only had time to prepare two pieces for the show. All the same, I'll let you know how it goes...

and don't forget to check out Ellen Million Graphics, for Ogopogo stationary! :D
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18th March 2004

8:33pm: The LJ Community is up!
Well, on the off chance you have been itching to share your views on
a particular fic that has been posted on the ML, requests particular scenes or ask about pairings, this is the place to do it.

Input is more than welcome, as I am only now getting on my slash shoes, so to speak. Besides, always curious to hear what intrigues!


Anyone with LJ can join it, posts are members only. Livejournal
codes a currently free, so don't worry about having to get one off
someone else.

11th March 2004

5:13pm: Update Joy
WEll, so this week's is a day earlier. Rejoice ye that might still read it ! :D

Things should be moving along relatively quickly now. ;)
11:27am: Tokyo and KAMAKURA! Anime loot we got!
This past week we had a conference in Yokohama, so we went early and spent the weekend in Tokyo and Kamakura. The Japanese say that as Kyoto was a city of nobles, Kamakura was a city of warriors and the ghosts still wander over it.

It was a place I had long wanted to visit, not only to see the more popular giant Buddha statue but some of the smaller temples. The only one we ended up skipping from our intended visits was the Kannon shrine, as it was dedicated to the souls of departed children. Having learned of my pregnancy two days before, it did not feel like a place I wanted to go to at all.

Tokyo was fun, as usual. Still have to scan pics of our visit to the Ghibli Museum, but most photos from the trip you can actually find on my DA Japan photo account

Mostly I got Art poster collections for Fruits Basket and Yami no Matsuei, a couple of doujinshin and assorted goodies. HERE BE THE PICTURES!! Read more...Collapse )
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9th March 2004

3:23pm: SLASH Mailing list
Is now up. I have to approve joining so that we won't get spam bots and such things.

It is currently up and open on yahoogroups.
You can subscribe by going here: mailto: nocturniaslash-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

PLEASE remember that this is the place for slash and more graphically violent scenes that I did not wish to directly depict in the comics. Also note you can't be underage to join, sorry.

It will also be hosting my DA inappropriate art once I get home and can start uploading it.

7th March 2004

9:59am: SLASH! What did happen to Eggman?
I have decided to revive one of the yahoogroups for my webcomics as a place to put the more graphic violence and slash behind the scenes for both BLATAH! and NOCTURNIA. There were many things that took place that still have some readers confused, others that will be happening that more than likely will have the same effect.

My webcomics are both rated MA so they are anything but sanitized Disney versions, but simply put there were things that I could not bring myself to depict. Why? Partly too graphic violence and partly that I felt some of those depictions would completely derail the stories themselves.
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Ack! Off to trample over Tokyo now.
Here until next wednesday, so have been anime goods shopping.

27th February 2004

7:04am: Anime Goodies and Artbooks on Ebay, Updates
Alright, so the hubby and I finally went through our pile of artbooks and chose which ones to keep and which to put up for sale. I let my students choose the manga and artbooks they wanted, so whatever was left I have not started to list on ebay thusly


ie: LOTR doujinshi, Rayearth, Fushigi Yuugi, Utena, Yami no Matsuei, Inuyasha etc.

In other news, Blatah will be updating tonight for last week's and this week's update. ;)

12th February 2004

7:17pm: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cut for 2nd Anniversary thank you image. ;)
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10th February 2004

2:53pm: 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!
Good grief. Today (tomorrow for you guys stuck in the past unlike me in Japan :p) is Blatah!'s 2nd Anniversary. Figure it would fall while the keen server problems are still being sorted out.
Initially, the story was meant to be told within three years, given updates twice a week. I think that more or less.. despite the hiatus and the server problems it has remained relatively on track. What an odd concept that is! At any rate, I will be posting art tomorrow to commemorate it.

THANK YOU, guys. This is a story I tell for my one selfish need to tell it, ever the bard at heart -- but what would it be without people to here it? I hope that you continue to enjoy the tale.

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5th February 2004

7:39pm: BLATAH UPDATE Feb.3rd
Server is still down, so here the text updates will continue. If you are ART deprived, check out my Deviant Art Gallery Had a slight back injury earlier this week, so sorry if I have been rather conspicuously absent... not been sitting at my compy much and when I am hyped up on meds so not particularly talkative.

NEXT UPDATE - Cut for length:
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2nd February 2004

8:58am: BLATAH - Previous 3 updates!!
Are HERE! Cut for length : Read more...Collapse )
8:56am: ARGH Keenspace server is down...
Yes, I have had updates queued, but behold the following notice:

OOPS! What happened to Keenspace?

On Janurary 27th, I discovered drive errors on the main server, boardy, which then 2 hours later, crashed and stayed dead for 2 days untill the co-location facility finally got back to nate about the status of it.

So here's the status:

This is NOT the original boardy machine
Nor is this the original drive
Out of 96GB of Keenspace, about 88GB was restored
Only members.keenspace.com, the stats and www.keenspace.com were major casulties
All the comics are still here
MySQL and FTP are offline to prevent further damage
Autokeen is offline to prevent further damage
The web-server is operating in "read-only" , all scripts are offline
We will be moving the comics off this server (and YDK) to a new server at a new co-location facility very soon

I apologize for any inconvience this may cause, or has already caused. -- Kisai

I will be posting the text updates here, until the problem is resolved!

12th January 2004

10:24pm: And the hermit emerges...
Some of you that used to be on my personal LJ account *not this one* know of what happened last September, when a protected (friends only, I only had about 15 people friended) entry was emailed anonymously to my husband. You're also aware of the pall of suspicion and paranoia this put on my internet forays. I've always been wary of too much personal information on the net, and having been burned, all I can say is that a journal will stay private, for the above reasons. For the record, it wasn't any of my LJ friends, but the exhusband of a dear friend who hacked into her account (Ro you asshole if you read thsi rot in -hell-). I don't hold grudges, but for him, I'll make an exception.

That being said, I know I've been a big hermit -- I'd promised a few of you to put up a THailand journal with proper pictures, tell you more about my life here in Japan. My personal account will be reinstated, if you knew it to begin with, in the next day or so, and slowly I'll start putting things up. I figure since I have only six months left in this amazing country, I may as well chronicle them properly!

On another note - I thank the people I have met through my comic or any of my random galleries. Please do not email me asking to be reinstated in this LJ friend's list. If you've been taken off its simply because I check it from work, and reading post after post of 200 anime quizzes (this is directed to the ones that don't bother to LJ cut) is more than I can handle AND gets me in trouble at work. This is meant to be as a vehicle to keep you updated on the progress of the webcomics or other artistic endeavours, auctions, etc.

Don't email me asking me for my AIM. On the extremely rare ocassions that I am on my old one, please take the hint that if I say "Sorry, busy at work -working-" it means I don't have time to chat with you. Not about art ccs, the weather, random going ons. If by some chance you're one of the people that put me on their AIM list and forgets who I am only to ping me with a "WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU ON MY BUDDY LIST" I will ignore your ass. I am so tired of random Aim'ings... how the hell would I know why I am in your list???

Not a rant, no, and I'm not. .particularly pissed off. Just been... a long first week of the year, yeah. So! Private LJ will be active in while you guys. Thanks for hanging in there.
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9th January 2004

4:04pm: Commissions
Thus far not bad, no... *grin* Though seeing that the queue is a bit slow on the art front, I've advertised an Ebay one, much cheaper than my normal ones...
Anyhow, the auction if for a digital commission of two characters, be they anime, RPG, etc.


In other news, relatively pleased, off now to make today's blatah update!
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2nd January 2004

4:48pm: All The King's Horses - Announcement
A change in format....

And so it is that things draw to an end - dreaded words from comic creators, hn? Most of you may not know that I have lived in Japan for the past three years, a happy circumstance that gave me the opportunity to start Blatah and Nocturnia. In a few months I'll be returning to Canada - to job searching, family planning and many other things. My commission work has also finally started to take off and quite honestly I no longer have the time or energy to upload full colour CG comics three times a week.

The choices left to me are simple - abandon the enterprise I have kept up for almost 2 years (1 in Nocturnia's case) or change the format to something that I can actually maintain. With this in mind - both will return to what they once were, the result first penned in words, fantasy tales. Meaning that you will get the written tale, and occassionally illustrations to go with it.

I realize this is asking a lot from you, the fans. All the same, the reason I keep it up at all is so that you can find out how the trails and tribulations end for all of them. If this is not your cup of tea, I hope you have enjoyed the ride thus far -- there are dozens of excellent webcomics out there for you to get your fix. If you'll still stick it out... I hope you've grown to love this characters as much as I have.

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25th December 2003

7:48am: Looks left, then right....

I am now 29. And my supervisor rewarded me with a GIANT stuffed, pillow sized Kappa doll atop my desk.


and to all, a good night!! *grinchy love* <3
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24th December 2003

9:50pm: Agh, Happy Winter Solstice..
I can't believe I forgot to put it up... Gilda, I'd love your addy to send you a card. :)

anyhow, belatedly but.... http://www.uneide.com/nocturnia/ tadah!!
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